The XMAS Pop Sing-Along and SantaCon Pre-Party
Union Hall (702 Union St., Brooklyn)

Hosted by Santa Claus!

We love Christmas. But the days of hay rides and caroling are long gone and, more importantly, the police get mad at us when we drink egg nog in the street and sing carols. So, in order to get you and all of your friends in the proper holiday spirit, we’ve developed a solution. A Sing-Along of holiday hit music videos, many of them interpreted by your favorite pop stars, subtitled for your singing enjoyment that you can belt out with all of your friends and fellow XMAS fans.

You’ll see David Bowie and Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey, NSYNC, Wham, John Denver and the Muppets, Nat King Cole, John Lennon, Christina Aguilera, Charo, Run DMC, Adam Sandler and tons more all taking on Christmas classics as well as some original works. We’ll also have hits from TV and film like The Nightmare Before Christmas, South Park and The Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Add 2 parts singing, 1 part alcohol and 4 parts magical songs that fill your spirit with holiday delight and you’ve got one hell of a Sing-Along.

Instead of heading home after the show join us afterwards for some guerrilla caroling! It’s good practice for Santa Con the next day! Santa will lead you to nearby restaurants and bars where we can surprise/delight/annoy patrons with our renditions of Dick in a Box, Wham’s Last Christmas, Frosty the Snowman and more! Caroling books will be provided.

-Free Milk and Cookies!
-Countdown with us to the announcement of the Santa Con starting location(s)!
-Win a prize for being the most naughty/most nice!
-Santa Costume Contest! Best/Worst holiday sweater contest!
-Themed drinks like Santa’s Sleigh, The Naughty List, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer and more!

Slap on that Santa hat and pull out that sweater your grandma knit for you and join us for the most badass Christmas celebration on Earth!