Building a Brand: For the Artist with Integrity
CUE Art Foundation (511 W. 25th St., Manhattan)
$5, RSVP required:

Speaker: Amy Schroeder, founder of DIY Business Association and Kara Szalkowski, soon-to-be Chief Marketing Officer, DIY Business Association

As an artist, how do you build a brand? How does an artist “brand” themselves without pigeonholing or degrading their practice and integrity? While practicing artists certainly are not traditional companies, they often need to tailor some business savvy to effectively reach their target audiences and elicit interest and support. The goal of this seminar is to find that balance, and to illuminate many tips and ideas to keep in mind when forming a cohesive marketing agenda. Participants will learn how to take advantage of print and online tools to reach new audiences, engage prospective collectors and investors, and set themselves apart.