N6th Discovery Series
Cameo Gallery (93 N. 6th St., Brooklyn)
$5 to watch, $8 if under 21, $10 if performing

• $10 sign up fee (Skip the smokes, they ruin your beautiful voice!)
• Sign-up is at 1pm. It is a random number drawing.
• Sign-up closes/performances begin at 2:30.
• Your stage time is your time: SING! SPIT! SPEAK!
• Each performer gets 2 songs/8 minutes (whichever comes first).
• The backline includes the piano, 2 microphones and 2 DI inputs with cables.
• You may bring anything else with you that can be set up quickly (480 seconds goes quick!).
• We can play CD or iPod backing tracks.
• Kindly support the venue by purchasing food and/or observing the one drink minimum (soda/coffee/tea/PBR/Peroni starts at $3).