Saturday, December 3rd: ‘Don’t Tell Mom the Backspace is Dead’ Zombie Theatrical Extravaganza

Don’t Tell Mom the Backspace is Dead
The Wild Project (195 E. 3rd St., Manhattan)
$10 in advance

Since their last SOLD-OUT show at The Wild Project, Backspace has been busy getting nominated for several Glammy awards, striking a pose with Bill Hader in ROLLING STONE, and gagging fans with their multimedia Sunday School shows at Sugarland Nightclub! But now the Backspace Kids are gearing up for something a little different (even for them!)…..

DON’T TELL MOM THE BACKSPACE IS DEAD is an ALL-NEW evening-length theatrical extravaganza that takes place in a world where the Freaksters have been infected by a mysterious virus……gag on new ZOMBIFIED dances, skits, videos, songs, and more! A BACKSPACE SHOW IS EVEN BETTER WHEN IT’S DEADER!!

=Krystal Something Something
=Charmin Ultra
=Mary Jo CamelToe
=Lil’ Kimchi
=The Duchess Tickles
=Whiskey Dixie

+++++WITH NEW BLOOD++++++
=Chelsea Rodriguez
=Louise Eberle

=Thorgy Thor
=Mocha Lite
And the photography of the Topless Paparazzo- Holly Van Voast
(the brains behind the ill flyer pic)