Rain Dogs & Stage Kittens
Joe’s Pub (425 Lafayette St., Manhattan)

Anita Cookie and Clams Casino, two of NYC’s sultriest burlesque stars who have brought you racy tributes to such legends as Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash and Van Halen have their g-strings full of bourbon as they return to Joe’s Pub with RAIN DOGS AND STAGE KITTENS: A Burlesque Tribute to Tom Waits. A growling tribute to the Troubadour King of the Seedy Underbelly, Rain Dogs & Stage Kittens brings together an all-star cast of NYC’s hottest burlesque and modern vaudeville stars including the Gal Who Puts the Laughter in Slaughter, Creamy Stevens; the Girl with the Curves and the Angles, Jezebel Express; Accordion Queen, Juliet Jeske; Burlesque Under the Influence, The Sticky Situation; Head Provocateur of BadAss Burlesque, Velocity Chyaldd; Dean of Coney Island’s Sideshow School and your host, Adam RealMan and many more. Grotesque. Beautiful. A night of glitter, doom, cleavage, thighs and hips that you could expect only from Tom Waits and The Sticky Situation.