Three Portions of Brooklyn
Page Not Found, Brooklyn
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Portion 1- Movement & Media

Mary Madsen – solo work ‘Shift’
**due to the intimacy of the venue there will be 2 showings of ‘Shift’: approx. 8:30pm and 9:30pm.

About ‘Shift’:
The piece explores a personal shift that has been hovering at the edge of it’s tipping point for the past year. It teeters and totters and sometimes I am moving it on my own, and other times it shifts on it’s own and I have not choice but to take a step forward or back with it. At moments i move but there is no shift, at moments i step aside and it shifts, leaving me just one step behind.
more about shift at

Portion 2- Music

Orchestra Hysterical
curated by Gabe Furtado

Concert Harp, Oboe, Viola da Gamba, upright bass & some unidentifiable accordion like instrument. We were enthralled by the well constructed songs, catchy melodies and how the lyrics were adapted from a Brothers Grimm stories. A rare occasion when something can be so unique and still enjoyable.

Acoustic Set by Jonah Byrd
This Brooklynite will entrance you with his beautifully haunting and soulful sounds.

Portion 3- Art

Many Pieces from Bushwick Art Gallery Permanent collection and more curated artists for sale at prices real people can afford or just admire. Prints, paintings, etc

“Page Not Found is a 2000 sqft apartment, with a garden, used as constantly transforming space to encourage strong social interaction by experimenting with collaboration, art, food, film and music.”