All Things Museological
Brooklyn Brainery (515 Court St., Brooklyn)
$8, register here

Museums. Venerated temples of art and culture, the holders of our collective history… Community centers? Party venues? In this course we will explore the many faces of museums, how they came to be, why they exist, and how they function.

Learn the history behind some of the world’s finest and most famous…did you know that the Guggenheim’s first New York home was a former automobile showroom? Along with some more lore, this course will also investigate the seeming tug-of-war between accessibility and scholarship in museums. How do museums communicate with their publics? How do audiences and artists speak to museums?

And of course also up for discussion will be the ever-present head scratcher: “Why is this work of art here?” Bring your theories, thoughts, and questions about all things museological–you’ll be sure to leave this course seeing museums in a new light.