Hopeless Geomantic: Lines of Intrigue and the Brooklyn Mirador
Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn)

Underneath a lamp post, by the barrack gate…in Prospect Park, there exists a “Vision Splendid:” The Soldiers Arch frames perfectly the Empire State building, along a clear axis that runs from the heart of Brooklyn to the pulsing heart of Manhattan. Lifelong artist Richard Kessler became obsessed with this view some years back, and has since delved deep into the historic and geographic significance of this unique axis, along the way unearthing some puckish mysteries. Why, for example, why did Olmstead and Vaux, the famous designers of Central and Prospect Park, consciously align their memorial plaza with the future site of the Empire State Building? What was the political significance of the plaza when conceived? And, most timely, why was the original statue of Abraham Lincoln, which graced the plaza from 1869 to 1895, moved? Come learn about the hidden significance of this taken-for-granted view.