Monday, November 28th: ‘Blogologues’

Under St. Marks (94 St. Marks Pl., Manhattan)
7:30pm (7pm doors)
9:30pm (9pm doors)
$15 (includes a beer)

Show graphic courtesy of Brian Scherr. Blog posts as monologues. And other wacky material that probably shouldn’t be read out loud.

Directed by: Patrick Vassel
Stage Manager: Jim Armstrong
Lighting Design: Nick Solyom
Projection Design: David Booher

Cast: Matthew Cox, Allison Goldberg*, Jen Jamula*, Wendy Joy, Chad Anthony Miller

Blog posts from Ali Garfinkel (, Kara DeFrias (, Chris Spradlin (Family Matters), David Thorne (27b/6), Donald Mills (The Problem With Young People Today Is…), Habee (HubPages), Japecake (Japecake), Jessica Schnall (Alone With Cats), Taylor (The Lumberjack’s Wife), and Tyson Bowers III (Christwire).
And get excited for…

Content from Craigslist, Funny Exam, Passive-Aggressive Notes, The Straight Dope, Texts From Last Night, Twitter, Damn You Autocorrect, When Parents Text, and more.