Living/Giving: Cosmic Yoga & Feast
Body Actualized Center (143 Troutman St., Brooklyn)
Suggested donation

Give the gift of yoga, meditation, and time to your Self.
Honor your body and your body will return with greatness.

an opportunity
to pause and be grateful,
to be humble, to be glowing.
To be.

Join us in a Cosmic Yoga session led by the amazingly wonderful Andrew Sellers. Led in a mostly vinyasa flow style, Andrew carries you through the poses, sensing and adjusting with the needs of his students. He is knowledgable and relaxed.

This session of body activation will be soundtracked by the hypnotic and psychedelic
Many Mansions.

Following the yoga we will offer a Living/Giving Prixe Fixe FEAST
The menu was curated by the Body Actualized Food department to be as “living” and enzyme rich as possible. Each portion made with love and gratitude, sourced as sustainably and locally as possible.

We will imprint this moment with a ritual of gratitude led by Angelina Dreem