Saturday, November 26th: ‘Sound and Fury’ Screening

Sound and Fury
Spectacle Theater (124 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn)

Considered an important entry in French cinema’s new naturalism from one of the 80s most promising French filmmakers, this drama presents a shocking, surreal, and humanistic look at the tragic lives of impoverished children living in the Paris projects.

Bruno is a teenaged boy who has just moved into a high-rise project with his hard working but absent mother. Other than his pet bird Superman keeping him company, Bruno is alone. The apartment is located in one of the city’s roughest suburbs and Bruno’s involvement with crime seems inevitable. Shortly after, he is befriended by the streetwise but deeply troubled Jean-Roger, and Bruno goes out thieving, destroying property and harming people with a vengeance… hoping to receive the type of attention he so desperately wants at home.