This is an exciting time in our development. In addition to all the wonderful and eclectic activities you’ve come to expect at LaunchPad (721 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn), a focus on community health and well-being is emerging. A new yoga worker cooperative has been formed to provide the community with affordable, accessible, high quality yoga.

While yoga has been offered at LaunchPad for more than a year, our instructors are now coming together for the first time as a group to pool their strengths and build a unified studio rooted in the worker cooperative model. The developing studio will be 100% owned and managed by the instructors you already know and love (or will hopefully meet soon, if you haven’t practiced here yet).

Beginning Sunday, November 20th, our yoga class schedule will expand to include morning, afternoon, and evening classes Sunday through Wednesday every week. The new classes are listed on our website calendar: Watch for the addition of specialized workshops, free meditation sessions, and early morning & late evening classes.

Our yoga cooperative will operate with a sliding scale payment model. The cost of each class will be $7-$15, which allows students the freedom to decide what amount is most comfortable for them. As part of our commitment to make yoga accessible to the community, work-study options will be available to those who are unable to pay the set minimum. Yoga mats and props will continue to be available at no cost.