Wednesday, November 16th: DocuClub Screening of ‘Brasslands’

DCTV (87 Lafayette, Manhattan)
7pm start (no admittance after 7:15 pm)
$6, RSVP requested:

This month, we will screen a rough cut of Brasslands by the Meerkat Media Collective. Brasslands is a character-driven feature documentary about the power of music to inform our identities, unite communities, and reach across political borders. Once a year, a tiny Serbian village explodes with brass cacophony and riotous celebration as half a million fans descend upon Guča, the world’s largest trumpet competition. On the 50th anniversary of the festival, an unlikely American brass band undertakes a journey to the source of their inspiration, barely a decade after NATO bombs rocked Belgrade. Brasslands explores the moment when cultural appropriation confronts its origin – in this war-scarred landscape, disparate societies find common ground in a joyous, deeply transcendent music that leaves no ear unaffected.