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On the Origins of Capitalism – because historical context is always a good thing
A Brief History of Christmas + its Most Hallowed Traditions – including everyone’s favorite: boozy egg nog
Pablo Neruda: 20 Love Songs and One Song of Despair – examining the poetic voice
Chess for Beginners – we’re going to make chess fun
TV Production Techniques for your Phone – interviewing, lighting and filmmaking 101
America at War – this week!
How to Tell an Amazing Tale – making your holiday parties way less awkward
All Things Museological – where museums came from and what they are now
Statistical Literacy – conquer your fears with an in-depth beginner’s class

Things you’ve been meaning to learn since you moved to Brooklyn
Beekeeping 101 – now’s the time to brush up on your hive knowledge
The Era of Eco Fashion – sustainability and responsibility in the design process
How to Kill at Karaoke – answering the hard q’s, like whether you should ever sing to your ex
Make Your Own Ravioli – dough, filling & sauce = dinner
The Grand Secret of Punch – with the awesome Sarah Lohman of Four Pounds Flour
Low-tech Screenprinting – because you probably don’t have a print shop in your apartment
Cocktail Bitters: The Liquid Spice – snake-oil tonic turned cocktail bigwig
Wontons & Dumplings! – from flawless folds to the pan or the pot
Field Trip: Archery – we’re off to Queens for bows & arrows