Communicating Science
UnionDocs (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn)
$9 suggested donation

Radio Producer Pat Walters, writer Dennis Overbye and artist Natalie Jerimijenko in attendance for discussion. Curated and moderated by Olivia Koski.

Science communicators face unique challenges in telling stories about science. They seek to make what is perceived to be arcane bright and clear. While science delves into the most fundamental questions of life, the universe and our place in it such as “What is consciousness?”, “Why do we have language?”, and “What is matter?” it is often seen as other, as inaccessible, or simply irrelevant. This event brings together three communicators who integrate science into their craft in drastically different ways – a veteran news reporter, a radio producer, and an artist. We will explore selected works from each to find out why science inspires them and what they hope to bring to their audiences.