Body Actualized Yoga
Body Actualized Center (143 Troutman St., Brooklyn)
Monday-Friday at 7pm
$10 suggested, $5 minimum donation

Join us for yoga classes at Body Actualized’s brand new home – a holistic community center. Everyone is welcome, all ages, levels, and experience.

peace. light. bliss. we are one.

The Center will foster the development of the new age, with a focus on health and consciousness awareness. Through collective acceptance and encouragement, individuals are propelled towards their full potential. In utilizing the powerful tools of art, music, conscious nutrition, physical exercise, and freedom of creative interaction we all come together to co-create an environment of healing and transformation.

For the past three years Body Actualized has been working within the Brooklyn DIY community through Cosmic Yoga events which combine yoga with live music, dance parties in accordance with healthy hedonism, educational food pop-ups in food deserts, and more. The goal of Body Actualized is to promote healthy lifestyles in acknowledgement of ecological sustainability.

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