Free Self-Defense Classes
CrossFit 718 (712 5th Ave., Brooklyn)
Wednesday: 7pm
Saturday: 1pm

Park Slope has experienced a number of attacks on our streets over the course of the Summer. In an effort to take back our neighborhood CrossFit 718 is offering FREE self-defense classes this month. We feel very strongly about empowering the women in this community with some helpful tips that can save a life in a scary and unwanted situation. Please tell a friend, and spread the word.

Our class will include the following instructions:
* How to avoid a dangerous situation/ create awareness/ personal alarms
* How to escape from any unwanted situation/De-escalation
* Weapon defense Gun/Knife
* How to hurt a person affectively/ quickly
* Find a safe place
* Reality-Based Self-Defense
* Use of voice, tone, and body language
* Simple movements that can be applied in several instances/break away techniques
* Practicing the movements
* Call for the police/ Get away & leave it to the professionals

CrossFit 718‘s self defense class is FREE and not funded by the city or any outside organizations. CrossFit is offering our space and our Coaches are donating their time to help the community.