The City Dark
The Old American Can Factory (232 3rd St., Brooklyn)
8pm doors

For thousands of years, the night sky was a crucial part of human experience, but due to light pollution, the stars are disappearing from our vision and consciousness. Would bringing back the sky make us better humans, or save us from some of the harmful effects of modern city life?

Our SXSW weekend concludes with the New York premiere of The City Dark. Filmmaker Ian Cheney (Rooftop Alum, King Corn) grew up with a deep fascination with the sky — he was even an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer who built his own telescope on his family’s farm in rural Maine. His childhood memories comprise as much looking out, into the universe, as looking around him. When he moved to New York, the relative lack of visible stars was a rude awakening. The difference seemed more than purely aesthetic, and eventually Cheney asked himself how the flood of light, and lack of night sky, could be affecting all creatures on the planet – humans and otherwise.

8:00 PM Doors Open
8:30 PM Live Music by The Fisherman Three
9:00 PM Film Begins
10:30 PM Q&A with Filmmaker Ian Cheney
11:30 PM After Party in the Courtyard, Courtesy of Sailor Jerry