Monday, May 31st: Yoga for the Pregnant at Heart

Yoga for Two
The Clocktower Gallery (108 Leonard St., 13th Fl., Manhattan)

Eating for two, drinking for two, keeping your hands shoulder-width apart for two, missing the bus for two, allowing the belly to sink toward the floor for two, flossing for two, dropping the head slightly for two, dancing for two, moping for two, reading about the misery of the world with two sets of eyes; one pair is pale and not yet able to distinguish the horrors from the trees.

Yoga for two is a prenatal yoga class developed to help its participants cope with the pain of life change. You’re invited to stretch it out and breath deep Manhattan’s smog filled air at the Clocktower Gallery.

It’s free and will include musical accompaniment by Justin Frye and video projections by Sean Berman. Positioning will be exhibited by Sarina Dailey and Cammisa Forrest Buerhaus, and it will be narrated by Alaina Stamatis.