Friday, May 20th: Other Places Midwest Psyche Showcase

Other Places Midwest Psyche Showcase
Shea Stadium (20 Meadow St., Brooklyn)
Less than $10

== Like all VIBES MANAGEMENT events, this will be an amazing, all-night DANCE PARTY ==

Other Places will take you elsewhere in the mindworld of contemporary music — a crash course in the psychogeography of current cosmic vibes. As always, our events are synergistically infused with the choicest all-night hypnagogic dance vibes.

Each O.P. showcase will feature live acts from a different region of the world, located outside of NYC. All of the bands in this edition of OTHER PLACES are from Midwest, America.

This installation will take place at Shea Stadium, one of Brooklyn’s favorite DIY loft spaces. Located near the Grand St. L train, Shea features a great sound system, an outdoor balcony & bar.

☼ Caught between smoke and strobe. Where light folds into the space between time. ☼

Live Sets =

RADIO PEOPLE from Cleveland, OHIO
GA’AN from Chicago, Illinois
FOOD PYRAMID from Minneapolis, Minnesota
BONES from Detroit, Michigan
DEEP EARTH from Chicago, Illinois

– Jan Woo
– Bryce Hackford
– Etienne Duguay