Fashion and Beauty Photography
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

Fashion photography is a competitive field. This lecture will address several of the challenges that face an emerging fashion photographer, as well as offer suggestions on how to break into this photographic genre.

In this lecture, Janusz Kawa will examine different areas of fashion photography including editorial, advertising and beauty. The pros and cons of different lighting choices will be discussed, whether it be in studio with artificial lighting such as tungsten, kino flo and strobe or lighting on location with available light augmented by strobe, using gels and filters for fine-tuning the final image. Selecting equipment and lighting gear that works best for all kinds of assignments, as well as camera formats, will also be covered.

Many great image-makers are unsuccessful as fashion photographers because this genre requires, above all else, a collaborative effort. A simple fashion shoot can involve more than a dozen participants. Fashion photographers must be able to work, cooperate and communicate with a host of personalities and professionalsto achieve the final result. To this end, the lecture will also spotlight how to put together the best creative team possible: photographer assistants, hair and makeup artists, stylists, models, retouchers, art directors and technical experts. The relationship between photographer and model, art director and client, and how to work with professional labs will be covered.

What does it mean to find your unique style, and be in demand by creative directors and fashion magazines? Participants will be given tips on how to produce a successful portfolio that catches the attention of art directors while maintaining your personal style.