Finding Photographic Style
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

Arguably one of the hardest elements of photography to master is to find a discernible style that can identify your work among others. Let us imagine you are in a gallery and ten different photographer’s works are hung on the walls without names to distinguish them. Can you match the work to the photographer? Mastering photography’s technical aspects is of key importance to taking your vision to the next step and can be learned through repetition and instruction, but achieving photographic style is elusive and difficult. In this seminar David Brommer will discuss how he was able to achieve his photographic style by almost accident, and then refined it so that his images became a voice for a lost sub culture. You will be exposed to various images from iconic photographers who are easily recognized by virtue of technique, subject matter, and process. David will also present techniques and avenues of approach to stimulate your photographic voice, and provide insight to achieving a unique style that you can call your own.

Specific topics to aid you in the quest for your style such as;

* Working with in specific focal lengths (your “soul” focal length)
* Emphasis on process and creative workflow
* Image presentation
* Seeking consistent subject matter
* Subject research and depth
* Motivation and “why we photograph”

Any photographer who is finding their work to be technically accurate yet lack cohesion will benefit from attending. Bring a note book, open mind and make yourself ready to be armed with concepts to help you find your photographic style.