Women in Photography: A Panel Discussion & Slideshow
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)
1-4pm (online registration is closed, arrive 15-30 mins. early)

In an industry once dominated by men, women photographers have made remarkable progress assimilating into the world of photography during the last several decades. In honor of International Women’s Day, the B&H Event Space is uniting an eclectic group of accomplished photographers, all women, to speak about their work and their journey towards success within their role as a female artist. All originating from a diverse range of backgrounds, these women will engage in a stimulating panel discussion covering topics about their methods, subject matter, personal vision, and their processes for creating extraordinary bodies of work. Complementing the panel discussion will be a series of slide-show presentations delivered by each participating panel member, showcasing a selection of images which define their style.

This special event is inspired by International Women’s Day, which recognizes the progress and significant achievements by women throughout history and around the world. The B&H Event Space is honored to participate in this celebration of women, and is excited to introduce a dynamic panel of speakers who have contributed to women’s visibility in the art world.

The panel will include Amy Stein, Cara Phillips, Jane Tam, Ellen Carey,and it will be moderated by Karen Marshall.