The Dark Night of Shiva Show
Surreal Estate (15 Thames St., Brooklyn)
$5 suggested donation

Sengalese traditional Jali storyteller, Malang Jobarteh, will play the Kora. Ron Haynie and friend will do “Rap Aesop” Poet, Sparrow, will teach meditation and humor. Hear outrageously fascinating riffs on consciousness by the scholar, man-about-town and eloquent scientist, Vox Lux Illuminati. Riffy Rap Patter on Shiva by Quinn Hechtkopf. Yoga dancer, Amy Harlib, dances in honor of Shiva. Artistic, informational and fun clips on the themes relating to Shiva (consciousness and the Inner Self) will be offered.

A long night to refresh the Spirit and spring clean the soul.

Dress as a Wild Man of Shiva to join the Shiva Dance Contest.