Photographers’ Rights in the 21st Century
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

The Event Space is pleased to repeat a popular lecture about the legality of photography. This will introduce photographers to the concepts of protection, management, and merchandising of their work by long time NY professional photographer, visual arts lawyer and educator Len Speier.

Attendees can expect to receive basic overview of Copyright law and the procedures specific to ownership of your images. Len will explain if and when you should consider copyright registration, and the procedure to register. You will become familiar with the aspects of sales of images and licensing of your work. In addition to that vital information, Len will speak about pitfalls in the system and how to deal with copyright infringement. Expect practical legal information for photographers such as what and who can be photographed and the need for model releases to be covered.

This seminar will answer your basic questions about your rights as a photographer and educate you on the concept of copyright.