The Film-Makers’ Coop: A cinematic exquisite corpse for two film curators
UnionDocs (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn)
$9 suggested donation

Kevin Duggan and Joel Schlemowitz, many years after first meeting at Films Charas, co-curate this program of short films from the Film-Makers’ Cooperative. The program is selected in the manner of a chess game: Kevin selects the first film, Joel chooses the next film in response, and so on. An exquisite corpse for two film programmers! No curatorial theme! Neither player knows what comes next! What connections will emerge? How will it end?

The opening gambit: Rudy Burckhardt’s evocative 1959 portrait of the Lower East Side, “East Side Summer,” reflects the spirit of Films Charas, a L.E.S. neighborhood film program and forerunner of today’s DIY microcinemas. Founded by filmmakers and activists Doris Kornish and Mathew Seig, and based in the El Bohio Cultural Center, it flourished in the ’80s and ’90s showing films ranging from political docs to Roger Corman B-movies to local East Village filmmakers to indie features. A frequent guest at Charas, Burckhardt also represents the Coop’s mission of preserving and sharing independent and avant-garde film.

And so begins the program: what will be the next move?