Legion Bar (790 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn)
E-mail ChurchMonthly [at] gmail [dot] com for more info

A live showcase of comedy, music, film, writing, and everything held the last Sunday of every month at Legion Bar in Brooklyn.

Church is a forum to show off whatever you’re working on or want to try – as polished or off the cuff as you’d like. Read a section of your Great American Novel or the nutrition facts off the back of your beer can. If you’re in a band, come improvise, play a new version of your classic or that weird one that never gets performed under your normal moniker. Make a cartoon. Do stand-up. Screen a video. Narrate a photo slide show of the family trip to Orlando. This is the outlet for it all.

Church is the extra push to help you complete your work or idea each month, and a reason to inspire new ones. There’s a deadline every fourth Sunday and your friends will be waiting.