Fourth Annual Pro Pants Rally
3pm, e-mail acceptpants(at) for more info

The Pro Pants mission is to inform pantsless subway riders about the joys and advantages of pants and to persuade them to accept pants into their lives. The campaign’s methods are highly effective: an estimated 100 percent of pantsless people enter a long-term pants-full lifestyle within 24 hours of encountering a Pro Pants representative.

Last year, Pro Pants representatives issued more than 300 questionnaires, distributed 1,500 pamphlets, and gave away 20 pairs of pants, including several fully recycled plastic trial pants. Within 24 hours, roughly 100 percent of the 3,000 pantsless riders had accepted pants into their lives. This year we expect to continue our perfect record. We need pamphleteers, questionnaire issuers, sandwich board wearers, pants fitters and distributors, and documenters. If you’re passionate about pants, get in touch.